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Demographic: Age 40+ Demographic: Age 25+ Demographic: Age 25+
Reach: 20-25 Miles from Butler City Reach: 20-25 miles from Butler City Reach: 30-35 miles from Butler City
Listenership: 30,000 Listenership: 30,000 Listenership: 70,000
Multimedia Marketing Solutions
Local Programming Sponsorships:
News, Weather, Trivia, Sports Report, The Breakfast Club, The Rock Morning Show, Coffee With Kate, The Superstore, Rockin' Hard Diner, It's Your Turn, Grass Roots, Rock Fabrik, The Rock Doctor
Syndicated Programming Sponsorships:
Shake Rattle Tonight, The Osgood File, Acoustic Storm, Time Warp, Crook & Chase, Country Hitmakers, ZMAX Racing Country
Sports Sponsorships:
Pittsburgh Steelers, Pirates & Penguins, NASCAR Racing, Butler High Football and Basketball, Knoch High Football and Basketball, High School Football Game of the Week, Pitt and Slippery Rock University Football
Remote Broadcasts
Promote your sale or event in a big way! Schedule a remote broadcast, and we'll come to you to do live radio cut-ins from your location. Let us bring our listeners to your event and engage them with games, prizes, & giveaways.
WISR News Sheet:
A weekday read-and-leave publication delivered to over 70 Butler businesses and read by thousands of local residents. Hitting the streets by 9:00am, the WISR News sheet gives area residents their first look at the day's headlines.
Internet Advertising:
Each of our radio stations has its own website, offering targeted advertising for each demographic. Each website offers live streaming, as well as archived programming for convenient, on-demand listening through our media center. Affordable advertising through internet banner and tile ads is available on all our websites and corresponding media centers.
InsideButlerCounty.com: Average 400,000 visitors and over 1,000,000 pageviews per month
Internet Advertising Options Include:
Banners • Tile Ads • Media Center Program Ads • DigiDeals Online Marketplace
Event Advertising:

The Butler Media Group hosts several community events throughout the year which are attended by thousands of residents from Butler County and beyond. Each targets a unique audience and offers an affordable advertising package along with a booth at the event.

Click Here For More Information are participating in our events


WISR Wine Festival

A full day of sampling the products of Pennsylvania wineries, plus food and high end merchandise vendors.

WBUT Pet Expo

A full day of family and pet friendly fun, featuring demonstrations, contests, vendors, rabies clinic and more!

Spirit of Christmas Parade

Nighttime light-up parade celebrating the kick-off of the Christmas season for the Butler community.

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General Manager

Kathy Gregory-Steiner
Corporate Development Mgr
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Glenn Thompson
Media Consultant
Email: gthompson@bcrnetwork.com

Ron Willison
Media Consultant
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Chelynne Curci-Lang
Media Consultant
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Linda Weber
Assistant Media Specialist
News Sheet Sales






Market Demographics
Butler County

Area: 788 Square Miles
Population: 184,000
Age 18-64: 63%
Households: 72,000
Homeowners: 77%
Median Household Income: $57,474


Why Advertise?

*Create Awareness
*Boost Sales
*Create traffic
*Gain New Customers
*Project Successful Image
*Build Brand Loyalty
*Stand Out Among the Competition
*Create Consumer Confidence
*Successful businesses are generally strong, steady advertisers


Why Radio?

Radio works in real time. Ads can be placed at the times when consumers are most ready to be influenced.

The emotional connections made through audio messages have more of an impact on consumers than video or print.

Radio reaches 93% of local consumers each week.

Radio reaches everyone. TV and newspaper ads are easy to skip, while radio commercials are harder to avoid. Research shows people don't avoid radio ads like they do those in other media.

Radio is flexible. Business conditions can change quickly. Radio offers fast production turnaround times, which allows advertisers to put out the right message at the rigth time.

Radio builds brand awareness. Messages are repeated more often and with lower levels of avoidance, creating strong top-of-mind awareness when consumers are ready to purchase.


Consider This...

McDonald's spends hundreds of millions of dollars each year on advertising even though they are one of the strongest and most recognizable brands in the world. Without all of that branding, where would they be?

Many business owners are satisfied with the status quo, and either become complacent in their advertising efforts or discount its benefits. But, as proven by McDonald's, consistency and frequency yield the best results.


Why the Butler Media Group?

We are Butler's only local radio stations, and are proud to be locally-owned and locally-programmed with a variety of local content.

With three radio stations, five websites, and the WISR News Sheet, we can integrate your message across multiple platforms to maximize results.

We are viewed as a trusted, credible source by our listeners because of our strong community ties.

We offer timely and cost-effective options customized to fit your needs and budget.


Be Known Before You're Needed

The greatest advantage a business can have is being known before it is needed. Research shows that when ready to make a purchase, 8 in 10 consumers turn to brands they already know. If you're not top-of-mind, you're waiting to be found. Is your business known? If not, we can help!


Radio For Recruitment

Is radio a major part of your recruiting effort? If not...WHY?

Radio offers affordable frequency and targeted demographics.



There is no production charge for radio commercials.

Our professional and talented creative team will produce quality commercials for your advertising campaign that will catch our listeners attention, keeping your business top of mind.

You can voice your own commercials

Create a personal connection with our listeners by voicing your own commercials. Our production staff will help make you sound like a seasoned professional.

You can change your commercials

We offer flexibility in advertising. We can easily change your commercial copy or run more than one script at a time, keeping your message fresh and current.

The Bottom Line

Radio Gets Results

Call us today and let us help grow your business!





BUTLER, PA 16001


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